The Egg Harbor Township Police Department has been experiencing an uptick in distraction thefts in the area of the English Creek Shop Rite. During these incidents, the suspects will approach victims inside of the store or in the parking lot, and attempt to speak to them in a different language. While the first suspect is distracting the victim, another suspect will approach and take the victim’s purse or wallet from the shopping cart.

In the parking lot, a suspect will approach the victim as they are getting into their car and advise them that they dropped something outside of the vehicle. When the victim gets out to check, another suspect will approach the passenger’s side of the vehicle, open the door, and take a wallet or purse from inside of the car.

We are asking the public to be cautious of anyone approaching you while you are shopping, do not leave your valuables unattended, and to call the police if you feel unsafe in any way. Thank you!!!

Courtesy EHTPD