With finances dwindling and a 2nd round of restrictions looming for many of us, thanksgiving doesn’t have as much draw as it used to.

Restrictions and Advisories about out of state travel and limitations on inside gatherings have caused many to limit their plans to immediate families only. This kind of restriction just weeks before a major holiday can cause people to struggle to provide a meal for their family if they were were previously heading to a relatives or part of a larger pot-luck style meal.

Well if you are in such a position, or even if you would just like to make getting through this holiday a bit cheaper, ibotta and Walmart have you covered. According to the ibotta website, Ibotta has teamed up with Walmart to save you money and give you a free Thanksgiving dinner!. You can receive 100% cash back on everything you need to whip up dinner for the whole family.

This offer is available in November, while supplies last and the recommend you get yours before they are all gobbled up.

Now there are some restrictions on what you can get back. They aren’t going to give you a 30lb turkey to feed your large clan, but they offer 100% cash back on all flavors of the 3lb butterball turkey roast, which includes a gravy packet. Or you can opt for $9.98 cash back on a purchase of a Butterball whole turkey for instance.

Now if you are choosing to shop online, the process is as simple as installing their browser extension and then confirming and linking your walmart account to your ibotta and you can get everything done in one shot. You will have to pay for everything however before you get your cash-back.

If you choose to shop in store, then there is a process of shopping, paying for your food, and then scanning your receipt before receiving your cash back.

As of when I checked online, the gravy packet deal and the French’s Crispy Onion deals are all claimed, but the rest are still available.

DISCLAIMER: There are some Referral Links used on this page. Also the image used at the top of this article is a licensed stock image, and in no way relates to the food that will be free through the Walmart and ibotta offering.