Barnegat: Friday night we made you all aware of an incident involving police activity near Liberty Court. The call came in as a 42 y/o suicidal male with multiple firearms inside the residence. Police quickly responded and attempted to make contact with the suspect. Initial contact was unsuccessful, but the male suspect was the sole occupant of the residence we believe. Earlier rumors of his family being held hostage inside were unfounded.

A perimeter was established with the OC Regional SWAT team arriving to set up a command post at Georgetown @ Cove. At one point JCP&L arrived to cut power to the residence; which is a common tactic when a suspect is barricaded inside a building. After hours of negotiations the suspect surrendered without incident to officers.

We made the original post to make people aware of the activity in the area, and to inform that there’s no threat. The suspect’s home was surrounded and there was no chance of him escaping to harm the public. We also delayed the information to avoid giving out information about the police activity. Officer safety is a main concern, and broadcasting sensitive information that we hear over the radio isn’t what this page is about.