From the Waretown Fire Department Facebook Page:

This afternoon the Waretown Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Lagoon View and Marine Road for a report of a boat fire in the lagoon.

Chief Cunningham and Deputy Chief Leaming arrived and located two boats well involved by fire.

As Engine 3601 was arriving on scene, one boat had burnt through its ropes attaching it to the dock and begin to drift into the middle of the lagoon due to the wind. As practice with boat fires first arriving crews will secure the vessels with our own rope or devises as this is a common problem when high heat comes into contact with boat ropes. As crews were stretching hose lines NJSP Marine unit was able to assist us in re-securing the vessel.

3641 secured a hydrant water source and 3631 was positioned on the other side of the lagoon to protect the other boats in the marina.

The fire was placed under control by crews with out incident and is currently being investigated by the Ocean County Fire Marshals Office and NJSP Marine Unit as is the practice anytime there is a fire on a vessel.

Thank you Waretown Firstaid squad 42 for standing by and assisting us.

Photos were taken by bystanders.