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Welcome to the Facebook and Internet home of Ocean County Scanner News (www.ocsn.news)! We are a digital news media company delivering breaking news for Ocean County, NJ as it happens. News reports are primarily obtained by listenin to radio transmissions of first responders. OCSN will post ALL information that was given to responding units from the initial dispatch of the call. Due to the nature of radio traffic, all outcomes and/or dispositions may not be immediately known. This page is NOT affiliated with ANY Governmental agency nor established legacy media outlet. We post what is heard on the radio; suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Ocean County Scanner News exists to deliver truthful news reports of incidents that occur in our community each and every day. Any and all errors discovered will be corrected in a subsequent post explaining the error and cause. All pictures or videos sent to the page by a non-employee will become property of OCSN and credit will NOT be given unless expressed upon receipt of media.

Please text all tips, pictures, or videos to our News Tipline at (304) 506-OCSN.
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