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Good morning friends, followers, and supporters of OCSN! I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on some huge staff news! Dave (OCSN Staff 01) will be taking some time away from the page in the coming weeks.

Staff 1's family recently jumped in size with the addition of a set of twin babies to the world! Dave will be home supporting his wife and growing family during the next month, and will be having minimal interactions with the page.

The page will go on with Lindsey (Staff 02) and Robert P. (Staff 03) keeping things going smoothly as administrators. Please keep Dave and his growing family in your real thoughts and prayers.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and support during this transition time. Even with the absence of Staff 01, OCSN will continue to break news with our staff of a dozen other volunteers committed to community news and events.

-God Bless and thank you everyone for your support over the last SIX years of OCSN thriving!