Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet and help a young man who is doing something very special.

 Ben Stoehr asked us to help him with a community service project. Ben worked with the JBJ Soul Kitchen Red Bank to provide hot meals for the homeless and needy in Sayreville. We  spent the day searching for homeless people and delivering food in some hard to reach areas in town. We also stopped into the local motels where several people in need are housed. Ben’s program was appreciated by the many people who received a delicious hot meal. 

  Ben’s grandfather (Joe Hogan) was a Sayreville Police Officer. There is no doubt he would be very impressed with the quality young man his grandson has become. 

  We are grateful Ben chose to work with us on this project and we look forward to working together in the future.

courtesy Sayreville PD

Courtesy Sayreville PD