Kristen Misak is organizing a search party for tomorrow morning. If you can give any time to help, I am sure the family and authorities would greatly appreciate it. Sunday is one week since Jonathan went missing. Let’s help get Jonathan home to the love and safety of his family and the warmth and comfort of home.

The following is the search information from Kristen.

Thank you to everyone for expressing interest in participating in a volunteer ground search for Jonathan Misak. At this time, we feel we have enough information to proceed with a search tomorrow morning.

Location: Schmidt’s Farm, 1736-1756 County Rd 527, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Time: Saturday, October 1. Meet at 9AM, search will begin at 9:30AM.

Wear: long sleeves, long pants, high socks, boots/solid shoes, waterproof jacket, gloves, bug spray (we will have several extra cans of bug spray). Brightly colored clothing is preferred. This is a large wooded area but it is very passable (not dense).

Bring: cell phone, flashlight, whistle (or phone alarm), water. Consider bringing a broomstick or walking stick to help move through the brush.

We do not recommend that children under 18 join for this search. Searching the wilderness can be dangerous and safety is a priority.

It will likely be raining so be prepared.

We welcome suggestions of anything else to bring/how else to prepare. I’ll try to update this with your suggestions.