The Vice President of Student Affairs at Ocean County College (OCC) recently sent out an email to “the Campus Community” confirming that there was an incident on campus that involved one student, and their family was notified after providing immediate medical care and calling 911.

The email goes on to state that there is no danger to the campus community and that school would remain on schedule.

Updated information from persons on the scene have confirmed that the person fell from the roof of the building, and that there is roof access on the fifth floor which is a designated staff area where students aren’t normally allowed to access.

The emails goes on to direct students and other members of the community to make use of counselors and support assistance by contacting the Counseling center at 732-255-0400 x2911, 732-255-0386 or by emailing [email protected] and that if you are calling after-hours, calls can be made to 732-286-2441