Today, the Island Heights Police Department instructed a bicycle safety course at our local child care center, Ring Around The Rosie. Sgt. Rutledge, Sgt. Caruso, Ptl. D’Amico-Violante, Ptl. Zappola and Ptl. Monachello taught key safety points while operating a bicycle.

Some safety points included, how to properly buckle and fit their helmets, always to look both was when coming to an intersection, and never ride alone or in the dark.

When the course was finished, our young bicyclists received an IHPD gift bag. Within he bag was an ice cream voucher for being a safe bicyclist, a junior IHPD badge, a Police sticker and a Police pencil for this upcoming school year.

IHPD would like to thank you Mrs. Walkers Ice cream for the participation in our 3rd annual bicycle safety initiative.

media and photos courtesy IHPD