We at MCPO are collectively taking a moment on today’s #internationaloverdoseawarenessday to reflect on a fact that is difficult to wrap one’s mind around: during the last 10 full calendar years, an estimated 1,500 individuals have died due to a drug overdose in Monmouth County.

…outside the front doors of our Freehold office are small purple flags set in the grass by members of our office and Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County, each representing one of the 79 individuals to have died in such fashion during the first half of 2022. It’s a reminder, as Acting Prosecutor Lori Linskey puts it, that “each person lost is not some nameless, faceless statistic, but a dynamic individual who leaves behind hopes, dreams, and friends and family members who remain devastated by their absence.”

…with that notion in mind, we are steadfastly renewing our solemn pledge to do everything in our power to stem the tide of loss and battle the scourge of addiction that has fueled it. Every life has inherent worth, and none should ever be lost to despair.

Please feel free to read more about these efforts at the following link: http://mcponj.org/2022/08/17/mcpo-marks-overdose-awareness-day-with-remembrance-display/

Media and photo courtesy MCPO