This is out of our area but this was a tragic story of a horrific death of a police officer. Let’s support all police departments by using the below link to share your thoughts with the parole board This post is Courtesy of @NYCPBA

This is Salvatore “Crazy Sal” Desarno.

In 1980, he was ON PAROLE for armed robbery when he was stopped by @NYPD69Pct PO Cecil Sledge.

Desarno shot PO Sledge, then dragged him behind his car for 1/4 mile, leaving him dead in the street.

Because a dangerous repeat offender was released on parole, PO Sledge didn’t go home to his wife and kids.

And now the vicious cop-killer is up for parole AGAIN.

The out-of-control NYS Parole Board has released THIRTY FOUR cop-killers since 2017.

We need your help. Use the link to send the Parole Board a message before Desarno’s September hearing.

Tell them there is only one place for cop-killers: behind bars.