Mayor Paul Kanitra shares his frustration for a lack of state support in helping to stop a pop up party, which flyers are circulating, for a planned event on June 18, 2022. Mayor Kanitra shares the flyer stating the following: “it advertises public boxing matches, bring your own liquor, bring your own weed ….” Mayor Kanitra recorded the attached video for his residents to know what their local government is trying to do by being proactive, as well as the obstacles they are up against.
He states, ” I am also making this video for any sane people across the country to know what is happening here in New Jersey as a result of pandering political decisions that have stopped any kind of accountability for idiots like this…” (referencing the promoter on the flyer for the pop up party. He continues .”The state has made it so you basically have to murder someone in broad daylight to even go to county jail or to be put on bond anymore. They screwed up our marijuana and liquor laws so that young kids feel like they can just walk down the street whipping shots and taking hits without any worries …..”

He expresses concerns for residents who will freak out, businesses that will be proactive and stay closed, families will be scared away from the beaches all because of a “few idiots trying to seem cooler than they are.” Whether or not this event comes to fruition the town must prepare by calling in State police, the department of corrections, and assistance from neighboring towns. He indicated that he has to prepare assuming worst case scenario and the cost is a tremendous burden on the town and the tax payers with overtime and other expenses necessary to control the crowd.
Mayor Kanitra shares that the point of these parties is to come together to create content for tiktok and instagram so they can show off.

Up to this point towns have been reactive instead of proactive by bunkering down and doing the best they can and they spend a ton of tax payer dollars to make things safe. Mayor Kanitra wants to go after those who promote and start these events. There has to be state level consequences and resource allocations by helping towns enforce massive municipal level fines.

Mayor Kanitra continues to say “I may be a small town mayor but I will literally do everything legally available to me to protect my community.” Mayor Kanitra alerted the Governors office of the situation on May 24, 2022 seeking resources that were available to help protect Point Pleasant Beach. It took two weeks for a call from the Attorney General’s office and the state police hoping to hear a plan to stop this one from taking place as well as future ones. Mayor Kanitra stated on the phone call he asked them “What are the solutions? And all I heard was crickets ….all I got was an hour of nonsense about preparation and sharing of information, monitoring the situation, resources being available should things get out of hand”.

Mayor Kanitra expressed on that call where all mayors were warned by the attorney general’s office to be careful about the rhetoric use when talking about these pop up parties. He indicated that the state needs to be scared because this isn’t about rhetoric and it’s not about politics, it’s just a major failing to help where help is needed. Mayor Kanitra indicated that the most absurd thing he heard about was that the public boxing matches were not being sanctioned by the state so it may be possible to get an injunction.

Mayor Kanitra ends his statement by addressing “the idiots” that he is having the chief of police and the Boro attorney to find out how to fine those promoting this event to the max. The mayor advised the promoters that all they would go home with was an expensive violation ticket.

Mayor Kanitra has asked that citizens of NJ reached out to your local senators office, Office of the attorney general and the Governors office to stop the madness.

Please click on the link to watch Mayor Kanitra’s video expressing his concerns.