BARNEGAT: Police are checking the parking lot of the Dollar Tree on US 9 for a report of a male urinating in the trash can. Unknown caller reported there was a white male in a silver 4-Door Kia loitering in the parking lot, and allegedly urinating in the trash can. The male suspect is described as a white male with grey hair and beard with a cigar in his mouth-and was said to be going between the silver Kia and makeshift urinal/garbage can.

*Stock Dollar Tree trash can- likely also urinated inside of.

The public pisser has reportedly left the parking lot- after picking up an unknown passenger, and was witnessed fleeing back towards town on US 9. Multiple police units are checking the parking lot and surrounding area for the male suspect. Unknown what kind of cigar was said to be in the suspect’s mouth.

UPDATE: After an extensive search the Barnegat PD marked this case GOA, and the bandit lives to pee another day.