The identities of the “two juveniles” arrested and charged with the Exit 91 Parkway Fire on January 19th, 2022, were not disclosed due to their age. The juveniles are reported to have burglarized a building owned by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority next to the Parkway 91 north commuter lot as well as starting the fire. They were charged with arson, burglary, criminal mischief, interference with transportation, and defiant trespassing and is being prosecuted by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

The emergency repair work which was approved by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority Board of Commissioners is currently stated to cost $3.5 million. The fire, according to the NJTA Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, destroyed the liner inside a 66-inch reinforced concrete culvert piper for a length of about 300 feet. Sources have said that the temperature reached over 2000 degrees during the fire.

As well as the pipe damage, portions of the original culvert surface were also “significantly damaged” as was a connecting stormwater drainage system and treatment devices.

Contract were awarded by the NJTA to Hackensack-based Joseph M. Sanzari, Inc. and Mount Laurel-based McCormic Taylor, Inc.

Cleanup work has already begone and after Sanzari finished clearing and cleaning the culvert of debris, they will order a replacement liner and McCormic Taylor will then do a complete inspection and assessment of the culvert and connected systems.