OCSN Live Scanner Feeds: Online Again! During this coordinated period of inactivity, we invite everyone to give our live scanner feeds a listen in our beta mode. Ocean County Scanner News maintains a network of 8 separate [police] scanner feeds. Currently feed/stream #8 (Northern Ocean/Southern Monmouth) needs to be added to our website, but it should be visible within 48 hours. OCSN will be revamping the feed/channel lineup with the eventual rollout of OCSN 3.0, but we want to hear from our loyal fans during the planning process. Please sample as many feeds as you wish, as often as you like- and let us know via email your feedback. Let us know the reception, audio quality, placement of ads, etc- or possible additions/deletions of certain streams/feeds. Streams 1-8 will be reconfigured to avoid coverage overlap & to accommodate seasonal usage (shore towns in summer/snow plows in winter).

Go to our website, www.ocsn.news and click the “Listen Live” link at the top right hand corner.

To begin, visit our website www.ocsn.news and click “Listen Live” in the top right hand corner. A drop-down menu will appear and give you 1 of 7 options to listen to.

1= Ocean County Legacy Feed: This feed does not receive ANY transmissions on the new 700 MHz system; and is outdated. *It will be closed for refurbishment in the near future.

2= NJSP Central Dispatch Feed: New Jersey State Police Troop C (Associated central talkgroups on the state police system)

3= Ocean County Comprehensive: All unencrypted communications that can be heard- constantly scanning

4= Ocean County Fire Feed: Most fire departments within the county. *This feed is scheduled to be upgraded to add additional agencies in the near future. NJFFS will be joining this feed when they vacate their temporary home on CH 7.

5= Ocean County Police Feed: All non-encrypted police departments within the county.

6= Ocean County EMS Feed: Most EMS departments within the county. *This feed is also scheduled to be upgraded for additional capacity.

7= Ocean County + NJ Forest Fire Feed + Seaside Heights/Park *This feed is a catch-all of Ocean County agencies & New Jersey Forest Fire Service channels. It will be closed for refurbishment in the near future; NJFFS will be added to county fire.

8= Northern Ocean/ Southern Monmouth Feed: *COMING SOON*

In the meantime, listen to your own news! Please sample our live feeds, and provide feedback & suggestions for how they can be improved via email- [email protected]