TOMS RIVER: Joey and Anthony Krupocin a couple from Toms River are being threatened with eviction notices from their home in Gabrielle Run, after Edgewood Management declared their spider web a safety hazard. The management association stated that the Halloween decorations destroy the property, and are disorderly disturbing the peace to the neighbors, adding trick or treaters could trip over the web. The couple said they refuse to take the decorations down.

The complex responded with this statement. “Safety within our community is paramount.  As you no doubt saw,  the decorations in question, as constructed, could easily cause a safety hazard.  Children running from home to home could trip and be injured on the strings designed as a spider web.  In addition, the decorations make it impossible for our landscaping team to mow the lawn in front of the unit, as well as tend to the gardening in front of the unit.

We did meet with the Resident and explained those concerns. As at most premium properties in the country, Residents expect their Manager to maintain the facilities in a way that is both safe and well-manicured. That is what we strive to do every day. I’m sure you noticed that our property is well-maintained, and that the great majority of our Residents understand and adhere to the guidelines that are part of their leases.

Our hope is that every Resident, including the tenant you have inquired about, adheres to those guidelines and helps keep our community safe, attractive, and a great place to live. The letter was not an eviction notice, but simply a standard, formal notice sent to any Resident who is in violation of a rental agreement. It does not mean that eviction proceedings are underway at this time.”