To our Fans/Readers and Fellow Ocean County Residents, we are Sorry.

Earlier today, one of our more prolific but junior members of our team wrote and published a story about Beachwood PD without getting approval to post.

The staff at OCSN is committed to news without bias however some bias has managed to leak in through the cracks from time to time.

We are currently severely understaffed, and we don’t have time to train the new staff reporters on what is expected of them.

With the goal of OCSN being to not deliver false, or overly biased news in the meantime, we at OCSN are currently considering taking a break till winter, so that we can build a better staff and a better platform to serve the news from.

To the Beachwood PD, we are sorry that we let this happen in the first place, and that it got to the point where you rightly needed to call us out for what happened.