Toms River: Numerous women are coming forward saying a creepy maintenance man is taking pictures of them leaving, and entering their homes. Victims are telling OCSN that two maintenance men are snapping photos of them. The women who range in age from their young 20s to mid 50s are saying there’s two people who go around taking pictures of them. “The one maintenance man will sit in his truck and take pictures of me as I’m leaving my house. This is happening a lot and the office does nothing about it. They’re nothing but bullies.” She went on to say “My boyfriend went outside and confronted the maintenance man after he left notes on my door making me take down my American flag, and accusing him of living here. We have had enough of him bullying me. I know I’m not the only one.” We have had lots of messages regarding this place. This is currently a developing story. Anyone who wishes to message the page anonymously telling us their story is more then welcome to do so.