Brick: Neighbors of the school replacing Temple Beth Or are furious and have had enough. They’re mad about the school not following township rules, and illegal dorms across the street. Now the neighbors are protesting out front of the school. Chants about the illegal dorms, following the rules, and $2,000 fines were loud and clear. Protesters yelled as students, staff, and parents looked on. One anti protester who’s pictured above came and started yelling at the protesters. At times getting in their faces, and putting his hands on protesters. The man who’s name is Richard Margolies was calling the protesters anti-Semitic. Protesters told OCSN that is not the case. Protesters want the rules the township has in place to be followed claiming no one is above the law. They also want the township to do more to enforce the rules in place Protest organizers are planning on having another protest soon.