Brick: A new school running out of the former Temple Beth Or in Brick has defied orders to close. On Monday a judge ordered them to temporarily close their doors. Superior Court Judge Craig T. Wellerson ordered the school to close until a hearing on October 5. The school must allow inspectors to inspect the building. However, the school is defying the judges orders and remaining open. Officials are reportedly aware of the school remaining open.

Mayor Ducey, said there were multiple fire code violations, such as a lack of fire extinguishers, lack of carbon monoxide detectors, and no fire suppression system in the kitchen. There was also an electrical junction box left uncovered.

Neighbors are claiming they’re being bullied out of their neighborhood. Homeowners are recoeving phone calls, text messages, and potential buyers knocking on their doors. Two homes near the school have certificates of occupancy to be used as rentals. Both have been cited for exceeding their occupancy