Brick: An illegal high school operating in Brick was ordered to shut their doors temporarily and undergo an inspection this week. The school which has been operating out of the old Temple Beth Or has been the center of controversy the last few weeks after they haven’t applied for the proper permits to operate in the township. The school which is operaayed by Congregation Kehilos Yisroelbeen has being used since the summer. A home next door is also being used as a dorm for students. Neighbors have been complaining of it being “overcrowded.”

In today’s hearing a judge ordered the township to complete an inspection on Wednesday and requested a status report be submitted to the court by 3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15.” The school is allowed to reopen after that inspection if the of hazards identified by the township, such as a lack of smoke detectors and the presence of residential ovens, are resolved. However, if the school were to reopen, will not yet be cleared to operate on a permanent basis. The owner is now required to file a site plan application with the township by Oct. 15, 2021.