Mona Hasegawa a 41 year old lady has always been happy, smiling, and running around. That’s until recently on April 24, 2021 when she received the Pfizer vaccine to protect herself against Covid 19. After she received the vaccine she had weakness. “I was so weak I had to call 9-1-1 and go to the hospital. I couldn’t walk.” Said Hasegawa. “I went to the hospital and I don’t remember much. The doctors told me that there’s nothing wrong with me. That’s until I found my doctor that I have now.” Hasegawa who didn’t want to name her doctor stated that her doctor is currently being threatened to lose his license because he’s blaming the Covid vaccine, treating Hasegawa with medications that are against the board currently. The doctor is currently treating her with Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin. When asked if her treatment is getting better Hasegawa stated “These treatments have helped a little bit.” Hasegawa stated that “There’s more people that are like me. Hundreds to thousands of people are having the same problems as me. You’re not hearing about it.” Hasegawa said she went to today’s protest because she fears for the hospital employees safety. “If employees get sick like me, who’s going to help us? Hasegawa has a go fund me set up for her medical expenses which are in excess of $200,000. The link can be found here