SEASIDE HEIGHTS: Authorities searched the areas along NJ 37 between the bridges and town for a possible suicidal party. Caller reports a male jumped out of a vehicle near the Hamilton Street extension, and claimed he was going to jump off the bridge. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male with a sleeve of tattoos and curly hair. SHPD checked the stretch of 37 from Hamilton to Douglas and found nothing. TRPD is also checking the area thoroughly to ensure this party did not jump off either bridge. Officers from Seaside Heights PD report they checked their entire town; and found nobody not evidence of a jumper. TRPD also reported to SHPD their search yielded nobody.

OCSN Stock Photo: Tunney & Mathis Bridges as seen from from the Barnegat Bay.

OCSN will update a new story with any additional details should TRPD give us a presser.