HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCEAN COUNTY SCANNER NEWS! Way back on July 17, 2013 the idea of delivering news to Ocean County from a factual and unbiased viewpoint was born. Our legendary founder was tired of slants, bias, and general trash news coverage from established media outlets our area. We have limited local radio stations, and NO network TV stations that cover NJ decently; let alone the NJ Shore. With basic police scanners being the core of our news, there isn’t much room for fabrication or sensationalism in our stories.

Monique the cat birthday party Credit: Battersea Public Affairs/Twitter

Today we honor 8 years of journalistic excellence to the Ocean County, NJ area! OCSN is thrilled to still be working on the fancy OCSN 3.0 rollout, but meanwhile some of you owe us a cake!

OCSN- 8 Years of pissing off locals with the truth; with NO END IN SIGHT! 🙂