Good News for scanner lovers around the area! OCSN is planning on reopening our scanner sales & programming department in early August. We will soon be able to sell used scanners to customers, and program most modern Radio Shack or Uniden scanners for our local area. Our extensive inventory of pre-owned scanners will be available for purchase; with or without custom programming. Stand-alone programming of scanners you already own or plan to purchase elsewhere will also be offered. Pricing for complete scanner programming will vary; with comprehensive & inclusive package starting at $50.
Ocean County sadly has more than half our police departments fully encrypted- which means scanners CANNOT pick these departments up. We will program whatever you ask us to- as long as it can be received by your model scanner.

For more information regarding scanner sales & programming- please email OCSN at [email protected] We also can perform minor repairs on some older scanners; email us to see if we can help!

*NOTICE: At this time OCSN is not able to program amateur (ham) radios, select Whistler scanner models, or any crystal-controlled models. We also cannot program any Baofeng, Radioddity, or CHIRP-based radio.