Take Notice: Users may have noticed our website & pages have been slow, or unresponsive this week. This is as we celebrate the 8 Year Anniversary of Ocean County Scanner News next week! In just Eight short years OCSN has crawled from the actual bottom of the barrel- to the #6 spot among local media outlets! In addition to partying- we are here to advise you all of limited activity/stories during the next 10 days from Ocean County Scanner News. This is as we work our way through the whole OCSN 3.0 upgrade and relaunch. Unlike many other websites whom lease server space through AWS (Amazon Web Servers), OCSN operates and maintains our own server space- in dedicated data centers. Bad news is we have to fix our own stuff, good news is nobody can censor us on our own website!

Stock Photo: OCSN Servers

As we try to finalize a better OCSN Experience for everyone; our website/Facebook/Instagram page(s) will experience periods of inactivity. Users can plan for this outage/inactivity effective back to July 1, and sporadically for the next 10 days from this notice. We thank everyone for your patience as we compress 6 months worth of work into 15 days.

OCSN is also still looking to add people to our staff of core volunteers. If you want to join, or find out more information about how to join, Ocean County Scanner News- please email or text us! We are looking for a slow expansion into Monmouth County with Monmouth County Scanner News- already established. If you live in Monmouth County and want to join that team- contact us!

Email: [email protected] | Text: (304) 506-6276