OCEAN (Waretown): Police were originally summoned to respond to a residence in town reference a stubborn swan that wouldn’t leave. A caller actually called the police to report a swan has been in their back yard for hours now; despite the gate being left open. Unknown numerical on the actual caller, but it could have been a child. Dispatch advises the open gate can be accessed via the 0 Block of Illinois- should anyone actually need to respond.

OCSN Stock Image: Yes, we’ve resulted to calling the cops on harmless swans now.

While it is unknown if the suspected swan was injured, but the caller seems to be just wanting Ol’ Swannie evicted from the back yard. The responding officer did ensure (with dispatch) that the caller was aware swans do fly. Dispatch confirmed the caller was indeed shocked when they were informed swans have wings and can fly.

Imagine if mama swan had babies there, and she was resting.