TOMS RIVER: In case you have not noticed yet, the Toms River town council will attempt to prohibit the operation of cannabis establishments, distributors, and delivery services in our township at tonight’s town meeting at 18:00. There are over a dozen other ordinances and resolutions on the table for tonight- but this one is the main focus of our study today. While most of New Jersey is progressive, Ocean County is often held back by antiquated conservative politicians whom think they know what is best for us. Modern Republicans and Democrats in NJ are equally awful with corruption and flawed visions; OCSN does not discriminate between the two parties in our valid criticisms. For the legal adult recreational cannabis, we are faced with a vast majority of NJ Voters already approving legal recreational marijuana since November 2020. Sadly there are some real backwards thinking towns that continue to rush to pass total bans- with NO long term consequences in mind. Just because marijuana is legal doesn’t mean anyone is going to be forced to start smoking it like some of you strangely think. For example- I do not like alcohol and criticize the ill effects on society it brings over and over again. You don’t see OCSN at meetings calling for liquor licenses to be repealed.

So far the loser train in Ocean County consists of Berkeley, Brick, Barnegat, Lacey, Lavallette, Point Pleasant Beach, and strangely Seaside Heights whom want nothing to do with legal cannabis and the bonus 2% tax revenue they could have. For these fine towns, standard liquor stores and illegal drugs are business as usual. Instead of looking forward to see how our local economy could be revived with grow facilities, dispensaries, deliveries, bud-tenders, and the entire industry that could flourish- they see Reefer Madness from 1936. The legal marijuana business brings entire new levels of jobs and industry to our area; offering opportunities for good-paying careers for people working with cannabis. Instead local representatives want nothing to do with modernization and offering more choices for residents- they just feel their outdated and biased views are reflective of the population. Tons of empty buildings and unemployed people could get a jump start here in the marijuana industry, but the very people we elected are saying NO for us. Sadly Toms River is attempting to ban the future tonight after a previous ban was tabled in 02/2018. OCSN and others fought this ban 3 years ago when it was tried under Mayor Kelaher’s administration. The same towns who are quick to say NO to marijuana are some of the ones with high overdose rates and addictions that could be helped with legal weed. None of that matters to Ocean County GOP leaders whom really are stuck in the last century and enjoy alcohol and corruption more than listening to the will of their constituents. (1930s)

Understandably Ocean County is one of the last Republican strongholds in the state, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing with Murphy and fellow democrats running wild and unchecked. However if the NJ Republicans, including the Ocean County GOP, wish to remain relevant- they need to become more moderate immediately. By hanging onto ancient conservative values like marijuana prohibition, they are ensuring that very few young voters will look beyond this one issue to see the good things a balance of party power offers. NJ will be entirely democratic in no time, with the GOP being the sole reason for their own demise unless the conservatives move a little up the progressive scale of theories.

OCSN previously informed readers about how federal marijuana prohibition dates back to 1910 when Mexican Immigrants were using weed- and bringing it into the USA. However with even President Trump speaking in favor of legalization during his term- there is no valid reason to keep trying to ban cannabis. At this point in modern history- these towns banning weed look as silly as the Confederate States before the Civil War holding onto ancient principles of slave labor. The residents of NJ have spoken and the tide has turned- Reefer Madness has been proven to be a scam fueled by government propaganda now that it’s 2021. Each vote to ban marijuana within a town is a ban on progress by modern standards.

As for Toms River, NJ tonight on 04/27/2021- we are hearing the meeting will be recorded, but not live. Those planning to speak at the meeting need to be present at 6:00 PM at Toms River Town Hall, downtown. There will be no or limited public input from the virtual world. The intention of Toms River was to issue this ban so they could craft their own rules- not solely on the regulations Murphy and other officials have enacted. However, that is NOT acceptable and once a ban is on the books- it takes forever to repeal. Do not let them scare you with false stories of endless car crashes by stoners, or marijuana dispensaries being crammed into residential zones next to schools. They are all propaganda scare tactics as Ocean County is quite entrenched in heroin and cheap liquor. OCSN hears and sees the damage alcohol and narcotic drugs are doing to our very towns- as we listen to call after call on the scanner.

Everyone needs to attend the Toms River council meeting tonight and demand our town remain on the right side of history. Between the added tax revenue to offset school funding shortages to the jobs and industry being created for our residents- we need to JUST SAY NO to this stupid prohibition ban. Otherwise if this passes tonight, feel free to begin supporting a new wave of conservative democrats who will steal the local elections in November. Remember the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders are long-time incumbents whom are extremely conservative and wrong for their direction of our county. We need to make our voices heard and explain that government rests on the consent of the governed- These elected officials work for us- the people.