PENNS GROVE: The local PG Police Department have issued this BOLO in an attempt to locate a suspect. You can read the full press release below; and may be calculating the distance from Ocean County to Penns Grove to determine an anticipated snarky comment for us. Keep in mind that crime has no boundaries, and we share information like this to show how even cops have a sense of humor. They have ruled out Beavis and his alter ego “Cornholio.”

PGPD Screenshot “images of cornholio”

PENNS GROVE (PD): The Penns Grove Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying this subject who is suspected of burglarizing a local business. He appears to be a white bald headed male that has a gray colored goatee and no mustache. He also appears to have a full sleeve tattoo on one arm while the other arm has tattoos on just the upper portion.

Before we are inundated with tips it should be known that Beavis and his alter ego “Cornholio” have been ruled out as suspects. If you are able to identify this male please contact Detective Jesse Thorn at 856-299-0304 or send this page an instant message.