Be a Good Egg – Have a Humane Easter! Unless you plan on caring for an adult duck, rabbit, chicken, or rooster for its entire life, please do not buy, give, or ask for a duckling, check, or baby bunny for Easter. Those adorable little babies grow up and will need a lifetime of care, and Popcorn Park and animal shelters already have more of these animals than they know what to do with. Please stick with chocolate or candy animals and eggs or stuffed toys!

Abandoning these domesticated animals is not only cruel and a certain death sentence to the animal, but it is against the law. In the state of New Jersey, anyone who abandons a domestic animal—or any sick or injured creature—can be found guilty of a “disorderly persons offense” and fined up to $1,000. (N.J. Stat. § 4:22-20.). Before you purchase any animal, please consider the years of responsibility it entails.

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