TOMS RIVER: Last week OCSN posted a story regarding an armed robbery at the Wawa on NJ 37, near Hooper. Due to the excessive encryption of Toms River Police, OCSN was only able to catch the MOCIB/BOLO bulletin. We heard two black males with handguns robbed someone or something at the store, and fled in a Nissan vehicle. OCSN did not have full details, but as always- we posted what we heard.

After a small press release was issued, we learned more about this robbery incident. The victim of a robbery at a township convenience store said an armed robber showed him a handgun around 1 a.m. on March 23. The victim approached Township Police Officer Tyler Pinto as he pulled into the parking lot of a Wawa on Route 37.  Pinto was told that just moments earlier he was robbed while attempting to get on his bicycle outside of the store. Victim said he was shown a handgun as two men robbed him before leaving the parking area. An investigation revealed an interaction between the three men did take place outside the store prior to the officer’s arrival. The incident did not involve any interaction inside the Wawa.  The incident remains under investigation.

OCSN was denied the OPRA (police report) for this crime as it fell under “pending investigation”.