TOMS RIVER: Ocean County Scanner News and MFK Weather Forecasting enter mutual agreement to deliver precise and accurate weather forecasts to OCSN readers. While you all know OCSN does many things perfect, we never took a stab at weather, sports, national politics, or other opportunities. At this time, OCSN remains focused on delivering news and common interest stories- and now weather to the under-served Ocean County, New Jersey market area. Many of you are used to asking your smart devices or phones the weather, but now since you all are here fighting anyway- might as well know how much bread and milk to buy when that 4-6 inches of white stuff comes hard. Anyway, neither OCSN nor MFK promise exact weather predictions- Mother Nature can change her mind at the last minute, without telling anyone. We will do our best to keep our readers informed of incoming major storms or weather events.

Fanfare aside- Please give a warm and hearty OCSN welcome to Michael Konopka from MFK Weather Forecasting & Consulting. At the bottom of this post is our first weather forecast for Saint Patrick’s Day.

MFK Weather Forecasting & Consulting to be exclusive forecasters for Ocean County Scanner News for major and severe weather events.  

Michael Konopka is the owner and chief meteorologist of MFK Weather Forecasting & Consulting. He attended Stony Brook University (SUNY) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science in 2004. He has been a forensic meteorologist and has been analyzing past weather events since his first forensic case for Major League Soccer in 2005. Since then, he has analyzed hundreds of cases of past weather events, as well as forecasted for major athletic events all over the Northeast US. 

Mike currently works as a high school Environmental & Earth Science teacher, and examines and analyzes case studies daily with his students. In addition, he serves as a consultant for weather related school closings in his school district. Mike has also designed curriculum and will implement an upper level Introduction to Atmospheric Science course for high school students. In the summers, he serves as the Chief Meteorologist for several different Ocean Rescue Patrols on the Jersey Shore, informing them of beach safety regarding severe thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and water spouts.”