Last week, after noticing the continuation of construction on the old Jersey Paddler site which is in the process of becoming a new Royal Farms, we decided to take a tour of some of the other construction sites in the area, and report on the various statuses in a Mini Construction Update for Brick Township, New Jersey.

ROYAL FARMS: Store #330

Construction – Royal Farms – Store # 330 – 900 Route 70 – Brick Township, New Jersey

Firstly, as for our friends at the Royal Farms store number 330 at 900 Route 70 in Brick, they have continued work, and have staked out the foundation and capped off most of the plumbing that needs to be in place before pouring the foundation of the store.

This fast paced construction is what we have become quite used to in recent years, and we are pleased to announce that Store #330 at 900 Route 70 in Brick has finally showed up on the Store Locations Coming Soon! page of the Royal Farms website. The Coming Soon page seems to confirm that this location will continue the trend of New Jersey stores in not having Diesel, Ethanol Free, Regular 88, Flex Fuel or Electric Vehicle charging or a Car Wash but will still offer the normal Gas Station offerings as well as World Famous Chicken and f’real Milkshakes.

If you would like to work for Royal Farms in brick, there are several jobs listed on Talent.Com for the location including:

  • Store Manager
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Fuel Attendant,
  • Assistant Store Manager

WAWA: Route 70 and Duquesne Blvd

Construction – Wawa – Route 70 at Duquesne Blvd- Brick Township, New Jersey

As for our a very debated wawa located at Route 70 and Duquense Blvd, this location has managed to put up a shell of the main store building, and workers were seen walking across what would be the roof of the structure.

While this location is highly anticipated by some who want fast access to a location in town on Route 70, the local neighborhoods fear this will make traffic at an almost impossible intersection at times,. quite worse.

We have yet to see a fuel canopy here, nor any work on the Panera Bread that is supposed to occupy part of the lot as well. This location is not listed on the Future Locations page when you select New Jersey, so we have no update for when it will be open.

We also couldn’t find any job listings for the new location, but we don’t expect many to appear as with all the Wawa construction and reconfiguring in the area, we feel that Wawa will likely be able to staff this location with staff from other stores.

WAWA: Route 88 and Jack Martin

Construction – Wawa – Route 88 at Jack Martin – Brick Township, New Jersey

As for the Wawa headed to Laureltopn Plaza in Brick Township, we can say that there is heavy equipment parked there, we occasionally see people on site. The grading appears beautiful and the split-rail fencing is a nice touch to the area.

Not much else can be said about this location. Again there is no mention of it on Wawa’s website, nor any job listing for the future. We will try to keep track of this project as it progresses and hope to be able to report rapid development as soon as it starts.

Want more?

Do you have any other locations you would like us to report on, such as the new Starbucks on Brick Boulevard or any other locations we have never mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!