BEACHWOOD: Earlier today we shared the famous Beachwood water tower here in town. Many of you have driven passed water towers, and you see all the wires and antennas attached to them. Water towers are usually the highest points in a given town; and communications antennas cover the most area when they are up high. Therefore- cell phone towers and water towers are a marriage made in heaven. The water company or town can lease space on the tower, and due to demand- the cell phone companies will pay rent.

Beachwood water tower as pictured from a distance
Relative close up of cell phone and other communications equipment

Most commonly you will see cell phone towers up here. This is to deliver the solid and fast signal users have come to expect in modern society. Usually many various antennas and radio waves are broadcast off towers; none offer harmful radio frequency from the distance they are mounted.

Below is a simple FCC search of the various communications companies which operate towers on the Beachwood water tower. Most all modern cellular providers are on here- and then some!

Nextel Communications Of The Mid Atlantic IncNA.24 miles
Paging Source Usa Inc341 feet.24 miles
Nextel Of New York IncNA.24 miles
Coffman, Richard340 feet.24 miles
R.e.i. Communications Inc250 feet.24 miles
Nextel Communications Of The Mid-atlantic, Inc.361 feet.24 miles
Metrocall Usa, Inc.NA.24 miles
Metrocall Usa, Inc.NA.24 miles
Paging Source Usa Inc358 feet.24 miles
Nextel Communications Of The Mid-atlantic, Inc.NA.24 miles
Arch Wireless License Co., LlcNA.24 miles
Clr Industries Inc360 feet.24 miles
Metrocall Usa, Inc.NA.24 miles
Metrocall Usa, Inc.320 feet.24 miles
Ams Spectrum Holdings, Llc250 feet.24 miles
B G Pools IncNA.24 miles
Ams Spectrum Holdings, Llc395 feet.24 miles
Frequency Plus CorporationNA.24 miles
Network Services, Llc Debtor-in-possession249 feet.24 miles
South Brunswick Asphalt361 feet.24 miles