COLTS NECK: Authorities are searching the area near the Manasquan Bank branch on 330 NJ 34 for a bank robbery in quiet and sleepy Colts Neck this afternoon. A BOLO (Be On Lookout) was issued to neighboring agencies to assist in locating the suspect whom robber this bank earlier today. The suspect is described as being a white, or light-skinned black male approximately 6’0″, and has since fled on foot. This male suspect was wearing a face mask (red colored) of course, and possessed a clipboard and a black Nike bag or purse- and blue Dickies-type of trousers. Inside the Nike bag will allegedly contain the suspect’s estimated $600 proceeds from this bank robbery, when he fled behind the bank. While it doesn’t sound like anyone was injured or shot, the suspect did flee with a long-barrel handgun of some type out behind the bank. He was last seen leaving the bank towards the Trump National Golf Course. If located or have any information, please contact the Colts Neck Police Department at (732) 780-7323 to help in locating this criminal.

Stay Safe! Also, please when you try to make this bank robbery about President Trump- remember the world is watching you in the comments.

Stock Image of Manasquan Bank: Colts Neck Branch (Company website)