TOMS RIVER: In an apparent lesson in rewarding crime and corruption- George Gilmore has been pardoned by outgoing President Trump. The full details about the pardon is referenced below, but few details regarding the decision were given. Gilmore was the head of the Ocean County Republicans, until his hoarding problem became an embarrassing newspaper headline. The hoarding excuse was an attempt to get a lesser penalty for his tax evasion- but all that is now out the window with his pardon.

WASHINGTON, DC: According to a press release put out by The White House, President Trump pardoned 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of 70 others just hours before his term ends.

Gilmore, 71, of Toms River, was convicted of not paying federal income tax for his employees and lying on a loan application. He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison. Gilmore had been in the process of appealing his conviction on the tax evasion and fraud charges.

Back in December, Gilmore’s attorney, Kevin Marino, told Jersey Shore Online that they were petitioning for the entire appellate court to rehear the case-not just a panel.

The full text of the pardon is below:

George Gilmore – President Trump granted a full pardon to George Gilmore. This pardon is supported by Bill Stepien, former Governor Chris Christie, James McGreevey, James Florio, Donald DiFrancesco, John Bennett, Kimberly Guadagno, Thomas MacArthur, Gerald Cardinale, Michael Testa, Jr., David Avella, Joseph Buckelew, Lawrence Bathgate II, Larry Weitzner, and Adam Geller. Mr. Gilmore was convicted for failure to pay payroll taxes and false statements. Mr. Gilmore has made important civic contributions over his career in New Jersey.

For a full list of Trump’s presidential pardons, click the White House website: Click Here to Open Link