WASHINGTON D.C.: The FBI has released a memo with a warning about armed protests around the United States. This urgent warning is for the DC area, along with each of the 50 state capitals leading up to Biden’s inauguration. Some of this intelligence was issued prior to last week’s siege at the US Capitol- but extends through January. The bulletins don’t mention specific suspects or targets, but suggests extremist groups are involved in this level of terrorism.

Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau, told reporters Monday that the Guard is also looking to assist nationwide. He also said, “We’re keeping a look across the entire country to make sure that we’re monitoring, and that our Guards in every state are in close coordination with their local law enforcement agencies to provide any support requested.”

Recent events here in the US have shocked and confused most Americans, and the world. The FBI continues to track down and arrest suspects who stormed the Capitol last week. It is a delicate line to protect the public from violence while not infringing on anyone’s civil rights regarding peaceful protests. Furthermore- how do we address the right to permitting free speech and freedoms of the press, but ensure no speech incites violence or overthrow of the government?

As always, stay safe and pay attention to your surroundings. Have citizens of the United States finally woken up to excessive and obvious political corruption? Nobody has the right to incite violence, or harm others- but we as Americans cannot sit back and surrender more of our basic freedoms and civil liberties.