Manchester: A loyal OCSN fan reached out to us in reference to a FREE couch. It was left in her new home, and appears to be around 3 years old. She also believes it to be a sleeper sofa- and it’s in decent shape. The owner no longer needs it, and would like it to go to a good home. While we normally don’t advertise general merchandise for sale, or for free- 2020 Christmas is different. If anyone out there can use this sofa, please reach out to us here at OCSN. You can message the page directly, or email [email protected]

The sofa is inside a residence in Crestwood Village. The new owner is responsible for picking up the sofa from its location, and delivering it to where it needs to go. The current owner of the sofa notes there are cats in the house, but couch is clean. OCSN is NOT involved with this beyond this post. Thanks!

FREE Couch