Toms River: At the November 30, 2020 Board of Education Meeting, a new personnel item was on the agenda. There was a motion to extend Superintendent David Healy’s retirement until July 1, 2021. Healy is currently set to retire on 01/01/2021 with the Toms River Regional Schools system. This seemed to catch many people in the community off guard, and it went to a vote at the board meeting.

We are hearing that Superintendent Healy put in for an extension through July 2021 for his retirement. The TRRS Board of Education took a vote on the personnel matter Monday night, and it appears to be a NO. The vote was 3 YES, 3 NO, and 3 abstentions- so basically means no on the extension. There was a follow up board meeting Thursday night for the next steps in regard to the superintendent.