A dog in New Jersey suffered a severe neck wound after his owners packed up and moved to Georgia, leaving him behind tied to a fence for days, authorities said Thursday.

The Husky was discovered after the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey got a call about an abandoned dog in Roselle.

On Nov. 20, an animal control officer visited the home on White St. near Spruce St. and found the Husky. The young canine suffered from a “severe, infected open wound” around his neck, authorities said.


Police later discovered the dog’s owners – Curtis Swan, 27, and Aaleyah Clay, 29 – had moved five days earlier from New Jersey to Sandy Springs, Georgia, officials said. The two left the dog behind, and told a neighbor they were going to return for him.

Swan and Clay now face two charges, including abandonment of a domesticated animal and causing serious bodily injury to a domesticated animal, authorities said. The charges carry with them a possible three to five years behind bars.

The Husky has been renamed Carter (his owners had dubbed him “Jon Snow,” officials said), and is recovering at the shelter’s Popcorn Park facility, the group said on Facebook. He receives daily laser therapy treatments for his neck wound, and “is recovering nicely and is a sweet, happy, friendly dog.”

Credit: Daily News