Earlier Today, we at OCSN reported a MVA involving a vehicle running over a pedestrian and then running into a house. This is how it was dispatched to EMS and we stand by that reporting. We updated the story to add information from the scene which has been confirmed multiple family members. The information is that the person driving the vehicle had been drinking at the Happy Hour Bar before driving home.

However these same family members have informed us that there was no pedestrian involved as reported to first responders but instead that the driver had somehow been ejected from the car while he was driving drunk, and then the vehicle possibly ran him over after he was ejected.

We would love to officially confirm all these details, but we are still waiting on a report from the police or sheriff’s department. However we do have a video taken at the scene that we will not be releasing publicly at this time, with the man’s wife repeating the statement about him returning from the bar.