New construction going up on Route 37 East right at Mile Post 10 and we were curious what the new construction would be. How about you?

New Construction Investigation

After a little digging we were able to find a recent sale. The lot in question (lot 9 on block 799) was previously owned by local developer and former Casino Pier owner Robert Bennett Jr. The new owner however is an LLC by the name of Toms River DG LLC.

Toms River DG LLC, is registered to the same address as a Capital Growth Buchalter (“CGB”). CGB is a construction, development, investment and management firm. CGB boasts more than 66 years of experience and a partnership with Dollar General.

Having developed approximately 700 locations in 13 states spanning nearly 20 years, Capital Growth Buchalter is a long-time, valued partner with Dollar General. The country’s largest “small-box” discount retailer relies on trusted allies like CGB to achieve and support its phenomenal growth. As a result, Dollar General has enlisted CGB to develop in some of the most highly regulated and difficult markets to enter. Likewise, the value-based partnership has helped CGB to refine and optimize its own development processes and practices over time, making the partnership a true win-win.


We were able to confirm our suspicions when we found the plans/renderings for the store filed with the Toms River Township Document Center from their 2019 Variance hearing. The variance was needed because the parcel sits between Route 37 (where the store will face) which is a business zone. However the store also spans to a lot facing Buermann Avenue which is a residential zone.

The plans call for a an approximately 7,500 square foot retail store and associated parking lot, plus drainage improvements, lighting and landscaping.

Dollar General Other Locations

The two nearest locations are at 1001 Fischer Blvd, in Toms River (2.05 miles) and 370 Atlantic City Blvd in Bayville (2.45 miles). There are currently a total of 8 Dollar General locations within 10 miles of this new location.

So what are your thoughts? Personally with the sale of this plot of land happening as recently as September 10th, 2020 (09/10/2020) I am quite happy to see new retail business bringing jobs to the area. Especially with all the recent business closures due to the pandemic.

This story was updated with confirmation.