Seaside Heights: Police are on scene at the luxurious Flamingo Inn Motel attempting to make contact with management. There is an issue with utilities being shut off, and police need to speak with a manager or owner in charge on behalf of a tenant. Keep in mind the resort averages 2 stars on Google reviews, and the cops visit rooms more than the maids. At this point we know there was a disturbance stemming from a complaint about utilities being shut off or not working from a tenant. SHPD are requested because you can only get so far with the concierge or bellhop.

Police are unsuccessful in reaching anyone of authority who wishes to be confronted in this situation. They call two phone numbers listed, and at one point someone answered one of the numbers. Apparently the cops were told the owner or manager isn’t interested in speaking on the phone- nor interested addressing the utilities shut off problem. It also sounds like the cops were told to go away in a way where someone forgot their manners. Cops aren’t interested in playing phone tag with the slumlord owner, so a holiday surprise of summonses, citations, and a visit from Code Enforcement is confirmed on the radio.

While the saga continues in regards to slumlord motel owners in Seaside, we can follow along with the reviews left on websites. Below are two photos from random travel booking and/or review websites.