The year was 1966, and three businessmen opened a restaurant with a signature Prime Rib dish. Shortly after, the restaurant known as Charlie Browns Steakhouse expands throughout NJ, PA & NY. It offered delicious steaks and eventually a salad bar for their patrons. Charlie Brown’s enjoyed success for most of the rest of the twentieth century. Now with Covid still kicking ass and taking names- another restaurant fails. Technically there will be one CB location left, but all three Ocean County locations are gone.

Depressing message taped to the door of Silverton

With Covid forcing all restaurants to close, then to open with takeout only- didn’t work for a sit-down steakhouse. Even with 25% indoor capacity finally permitted for restaurants- it was too little too late. Combine the government restrictions with a virus that makes salad bars unappealing- and it was a recipe for Charlie Browns to lose money fast. Silverton and Lacey never reopened, and Lakewood gave it the old college try for a few months. Now just recently we have learned that indeed all Charlie Browns Fresh Grills have closed in our area. Farewell Silverton, Lacey, Lakewood, and just about every other location. The website still shows one left as open- the flagship up in Northern Jersey.

Lakewood is just a memory- like Buckwald’s Leisure Lounge.

We will miss Charlie’s as the steaks were always good, and the salad bar was awesome. Pour out a little for all our failed businesses- as we blindly march through the second Covid wave.

The Silverton location is already listed for lease!
Doors locked- and no chance of getting a Filet Mignon in Silverton
NJ Department of Labor business card left. Possibly could mean that vendors/ employees didn’t get paid fairly?