Seaside Heights: The troubled Bamboo Bar and Nightclub has been a fixture in town for decades, but it has been closed for at least two summers now. The owners (Saddy Family) have kept the property closed as the borough of Seaside Heights is involved with ongoing lawsuits and other external issues. Back in July there was an attempt to auction off the property, along with neighboring club Karma. However that sale did not go through, and it went to auction at a sheriff sale on 11/10/2020. Finally, yesterday the Bamboo Club and property has been sold.

At the sheriff sale on Tuesday, the Bamboo property had multiple bidders with the final selling price being north of $1 Million. The winning bid was placed by a local investment group headed by local businessman Izzy Lindner. Current plans for the property are unclear as of now, but the investment group will spend the next 30 days doing their due diligence. There are some ideas being floated around to use the property for condominiums and/or a mixed use opportunity consisting of retail and housing. The investment group will be represented by Rudolph Daunno of Daunno Realty Services in Toms River. Any further inquiries regarding the property or the purchase can be directed to Rudy himself at (732) 255-8989.

Below are some pictures from the Bamboo Bar and Club from the glory days of May 2009. Share your memories in the comments if you wish!