To further combat the Coronavirus, Governor Murphy announced his latest executive order. Today’s order featured three standards aimed to protect people in the workplace.

We’re ensuring that every worker in New Jersey stands under the same umbrella of protections.

Today’s Executive Order:
☑️Establishes workplace health and safety standards that will cover all New Jersey-based workers in both the private and public sectors
☑️Creates a collaborative enforcement mechanism to ensure complaints and reports of noncompliance are properly addressed
☑️Ensures workers are informed of their rights, and that employers are informed of their obligations

At a minimum, these standards require:
☑️All workers undergo a health screening prior to every shift
☑️Everyone present at the workplace maintain at least six feet of distance from one another to the maximum extent possible
☑️Employees must be made aware if there is known exposure to coronavirus in the workplace
☑️Individuals must wear a face mask, with limited exceptions
☑️Employers provide face masks to all employees, at their expense
☑️All workers, customers, and visitors be provided with approved sanitizing materials, at the employers expense
☑️All employees be provided breaks throughout the day to wash their hands
☑️All high-touch areas are routinely cleaned and disinfected

To facilitate enforcement, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development will establish an online complaint-intake form for workers.

The New Jersey Department of Labor and New Jersey Department of Health will also coordinate to:
☑️Create investigatory protocols
☑️Assist employers with compliance
☑️Pursue enforcement actions when necessary

The New Jersey Labor Department will also:
☑️Develop worksite notices and materials
☑️Create a training program in concert with Rutgers University and members of the Protect NJ Workers Coalition to ensure workers are aware of their rights and employers are aware of their obligations