This morning reports went out of a shooting at I and North Ocean in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Ocean County Sheriff units, and even EMS were quick to the scene.

The victim who was driving a white BMW was found at Blaine and Central with a gunshot wound to the left thigh, and bullet holes in the vehicle. Early reports of a gunshot wound to the eye or head were likely miscommunication as EMS clearly stated before they headed to Jersey Shore with a Medic that there was a single GSW to the left thigh, and bleeding was controlled at that time.

A manhunt ensued from there as people reported police and sheriff were going door to door and searching vehicles as they left the island.

While we do not have any confirmed reports that the suspect has been apprehended we are being told that all the blockades have been lifted.

Please remember to stay safe when driving or doing other activities. Tensions are high and tempers are short these days, and we don’t need anyone else being our next headline.