NEW: The New Jersey Department of Health dashboard will now report instances of in-school transmission as well as #COVID19 cases identified. The new dash balances:
☑️Transparency and public information
☑️Protecting the privacy of those in our schools

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Our overarching aim remains ensuring that our schools do not become the epicenter of new outbreaks. We have in place the protocols and guidance to ensure that, when identified, a case is removed as quickly and carefully as possible from the building environment.

So far, the reopenings of our schools have progressed smoothly and in accordance with the plans that districts submitted to the @NewJerseyDOE – with minimal disruptions reported, and any identified #COVID19 cases quickly dealt with to minimize the potential for in-school spread.

Of the 802 completed New Jersey Department of Education reopening plans for regular, charter, and special service schools:
☑️403 are open for hybrid education
☑️278 are currently all-remote
☑️81 are open for all in-person instruction
☑️40 are using some combination of all-of-the-above

Fewer than a dozen districts are still finalizing their written plans but, given where their plans were in the process, all of these schools are open, either in-person, hybrid, or remotely, and are currently serving their students and communities.

In the coming weeks, we know that some of the all-remote schools will be switching to either a hybrid or in-person model as laid-out in their reopening plans. In every case, we will continue to work closely with our districts and communities to ensure a safe process.