Seaside Heights: Today, September 24, 2020, The Seaside Heights Mayor and Council: Mayor Anthony Vaz, Councilwomen Agnes Polhemus and Penny Grachien, Lou DiGuilio, Michael Carbone and Harry Smith were joined by the following members of the Seaside Heights Historical Society Board of Trustees: Joe Verderosa, Chris Vaz, Skip Sommerer, Peter J. Smith, and Lou DiGuilio to sign the first plank that will go over the pilings that have been placed within the last few weeks, which will someday be the home of 1910 Dentzel & Looff, Floyd Moreland refurbished carousel and our history museum.

All of the Mayor and Council and attending trustees signed the piece of wood, and it will be a permanent part of the foundation of the building. We hope these pictures we are sharing will allow you to “virtually” join us for this important moment. Thank You.