Stafford: If you support Law enforcement and are looking for a way to honor American Veterans on the last official weekend of summer, you may want to make your way to Toms River this Saturday. The largest boat parade in history is expected to take off from the Toms River Bridge at 9:30 am following a prayer, and the National Anthem. A fleet of nearly two thousand boats draped with American flags and Thin Blue Line flags are expected to span up to 10 miles of New Jersey’s water ways. And do not forget about the Trump flags. miles, and miles of Trump flags.

I was presented with an opportunity to sit in on the final-planning committee meeting where I was among key organizers. The event’s chief organizer Chris Molla and Stafford Councilman George Williams and Grand Marshall , (who had previously hosted a boat parade on Barnegat Bay on July 4th weekend) met with other boat captains to discuss last minute details including an influx of an additional 500 boats set to participate.

Molla and Williams estimated that over 1300 boats were in the procession on July 4th. They believe they will surpass the current world record of 2,000 vessels in a boat parade. [Supporters of President Trump held a boat parade in Clearwater, Florida. The event’s National Co-chair of Women for Trump, Pam Bondi, said that supporters hoped to break the Guinness world record for holding the world’s largest boat parade. – Fox News].

This time they have little doubt they can smash the record. Boat owner and meeting attendee, Patrick McKendrick estimates that each boat will average 8-10 passengers. Overall, they estimate anywhere between 15,000-20,000 people will be on the boats and up to 3000 people will be onlooking the parade. 

“You do not have to be a President Trump supporter to partake in the Activities.” Molla said, “All are welcome here. The events’ Primary focus is to bring awareness of the brutality on police officers and to honor veterans. Trump just happens to be a big supporter of veterans and law enforcement.” He says that he gets Facebook messages every day from Democrats or people who hate Donald Trump but are supportive of the parade’s focus. Molla replies to them “C’mon in. You are more than welcome.” Williams, one of the more popular Councilman in the state, on what President Trump has done for our police and veterans “Trump is the Law and Order president. While our boys and girls in blue are being persecuted unjustifiably, he continues to stand by them. And for our vets, we are done with the endless wars. He wants our troops home. The VA Accountability Act he passed has helped more veterans in their time of need. Without these people, we do not have a country.”

Molla said he has received massive support from both New Jersey and Ocean county GOP organizations. He says the Coast Guard, State Police, as well as local law enforcement will assist to ensure safety is a top priority. Other notable attendees include, CD3 Congressional Candidate David Richter (R) who is running against Andy Kim (D), will be on the Councilman’s boat. Ocean County Chairman of the GOP Frank Holman, Mayor of Berkeley Carmen Amato, Congressman Chris Smith, and Rik Mehta.

Do not have a boat? The parade will pass by, (or under) three major bridges. (Mantoloking, Seaside Heights, and Manahawkin). Each bridge, during the last parade, had an estimate of 500-600 people on them. More are expected this time around. So, grab a flag or sign and join the movement.

The parade will end in Beach Haven where a crowd north of 1000 are expected to celebrate and most likely enjoy a meal indoors, as New Jerseys’ Governor Murphy’s’ ban on indoor dining, which is set to be lifted this Friday.

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